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the why

With quality real time imaging, we are able to deliver quality virtual sets. And, it’s now easier and more accessible than ever before. 


For instance, imagine shooting on yacht trying to cram a film crew aboard, juggling logistical problems like how to run power to it, stressing about not damaging anything, fighting for space, time, light, and air. And even worse, paying an arm and a leg for the location, hopefully getting good results with your time being eaten up by even the littlest unexpected problems that may become big issues on a location like that. Now, imagine a virtual yacht, designed exactly how you envisioned, and crafted meticulously with all the bells and whistles, and located in the comfort of a stage…perfection, ease, and energy used wisely are words that come to mind. This is just one example of what Cine Maas can do for you!

Should you need to shoot multiple locations in one day, but the moves will leave you with limited time to shoot? Cine Maas can meet those requirements with much more ease and much less cost. Should you need to shoot out your star talent in a limited time because of cost, Should you need to shoot night exteriors but don’t want to work overnight or the location doesn’t allow it, Cine Maas can meet those requirements with much more ease and much less cost. If you need that perfect location, but it’s on a different continent or simply doesn’t exist, Cine Maas can build it for you! The list of examples goes on and on…

For all this and more Cine Maas brings you competitive prices that work for you! Saving you time, money and energy getting the locations you need, when you need them, and where you need them too! Because we can come to you! On location or on a stage it's all the same to us. Only Cine Maas brings you patented Mobile Virtual Production.

Our team of Environmental artists can construct the setting and atmosphere that’s right for you! We have a catalogue of ready to go sets that make shooting with Cine Maas even more affordable than most Virtual Production stages out there. Or get the perfect custom map for you! Be it an airport, police station, hospital, and/or other “every day,” but expensive locations, and, those not-so every day locations like intergalactic worlds, or period pieces, we have what you need! Cine Maas saves you time, money, and energy spent when locking down locations, because…we come to you! On location or on a stage, only Cine Maas brings you patented Mobile Virtual Production.




I remember DPing a show where we needed a Christmas wonderland town. We had to fly to Michigan, and film outside, in the depths of winter, for days. Apart from the freezing temperatures, filming in the town cost $150,000! And, we had issues with the location; where we could shoot with signage and bland areas. To make matters even worse, the snow started to melt, effecting continuity, and even the snowmakers couldn’t solve the problem.

CiNe Maas solutioN:

Cine Maas would have provided the perfect Christmas town filmed in the warmth and comfort of a stage. And, with the competitive pricing options, production would have money left over. Imagine the art department and g and e not having to set up lights all
over town or decorate massive sets? With Cine Maas, you get the scope but the lights and decorations are digital, so there’s no need to worry about all those costs!

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