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CiNe Maas services 

What We Do

reaL TIME vIrTuaL PRoduCTIoN

When using green screen along with on set real time tracking and imaging combined with our two-phase system can give clients the best quality footage in any format and color space  they need quick and efficiently.

On-set pre-visualization

Our Cine Maas Mobile team comes to you prepared to execute any additional virtual elements or backdrops you need for your shoot. Nothing beats seeing your vision right there in front of you for technical and creative convenience.

Don’t miss the shot, do it right with Cine Maas


Mobile virtual Production

Cine Maas makes things easy. Our team will travel to you, with a swift set-up time of under an hour. Anywhere, anytime. All we need is our Cine Box and green screen.


We have the ability to use any camera with 12G SDI and Any Lenses.  We can calibrate and use a variety of cameras and lenses. Be it our in-house Blackmagic URSA G2 or an Arri Alexa Mini LF as well as any lens set from Xeens to Cooke and more!

Most virtual production set-ups tend to take an extensive amount of time to change or recalibrate lenses and cameras; not with Cine Maas! Our advanced technology uses our tracking device and a chart to let the computer do all the work in minutes.

Catalogue of beautiful sets

We have an ever-growing catalogue of pre-built sets: police stations, yachts, rural outdoors, abandoned compounds, expansive spaceships and more! These locations give our customers big savings without sacrificing quality at all!

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CustoM realistic virtual sets

We have high-quality Environmental artists that can design any set to satisfy your creative vision and needs, giving you the ultimate control to create your personalized world.

The CiNe Maas Pipeline

From conception to completion, the Cine Maas team is with you all the way. Starting with “prep”, the ability to work in a virtual location scout using an iPad and set cameras. You can even have a copy to view your world to work from home!

Being able to work and previz your entire project before you even shoot and the flexibility of custom and/or our extensive catalogue, Cine Maas can prep the right sets with you! Changing lighting setting camera placements for the shoot and dressing the sets just as you would any other set in pre production. Only difference is, you don't need to rent lights or buy so many set pieces. Should our clients need stages, LED walls, a greenscreen stage, a warehouse near your location, or the desert  adding in the virtual world to the real world, we can do that. We will give you onset dailies, which are timecoded for us to create high-quality masters and the ability to render your vision and needs. 


Cine Maas’ Post-Pipeline will render out even higher quality backplates than what was viewed on set after our professional colorists level match and integrate your personal additions, e.g., actors and set pieces. Then, if needed, we build custom shadows based the shot, e.g., the textures of the ground, actors’ placement and movements, as well as custom animate reflections to match even the tiniest of ripples in a pond. Lastly, the footage is exported in a file type of your choice with your Color specs integrated. We can export in ArriLogC, Rec 709, RedLog and more!

Every step of the way, Cine Maas is here for you!

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