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archiNteriors vol 1 sceNe 5

Hi-poly archviz scene of modern office.

All scenes come now with improved lighting and reflections. All lightmaps are baked with a new GPU baker, we also enabled raytracing to give you the best quality reflections. If you do not have RTX graphics card, don't worry - you can easily turn it off and enjoy the scenes with baked lighting and captured reflections - they look georgous too. Each scene has 10 animated cinema cameras included. We also included FPP module so you can move freely through each space. We put a great effort to make this collection up to modern standards and it is better than ever! We made the improvements in geometry of existing objects to optimize their behavior in Unreal Engine. We also added many new objects that better suit the scenes, in some scenes almost all props are new.

We made new and improved base materials that allow adding dirt, also in roughness channel. Materials also have now normal detail maps that improve realism of surface imperfections. The metal objects now include thin film effect that greatly improves realism of light bouncing. Many textures are replaced with higher resolution versions, some are completely remade.

The whole collection was optimized for 2080 TI GPU, but you can easily use it with with cheaper GPU by reducing reflection bounces in Post Process Volume settings or using non-RTX versions. We also recommend installing Nvidia DLSS for greater performance.



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